MuteKit by On Air Warning
On Air Warning Light®
On Air Warning® Light
Big, Bright, 2-sided
MuteSwitch™ Smart-Mute Button
Smart-Mute Button
MuteBar App™
MuteBar App
On-screen Control
Video Freeze Frame
MuteKit – the 4 tools you need for better video conferences.
On Air Warning Light
Prevent Interruptions
Never hear “You’re on mute”. You and everyone around will easily see when you are in a meeting, and whether your mic and/or camera are on. It will prevent disruptions, increase productivity, and make you aware a meeting is in session, even if it is buried under other windows.
Customize Your Colors
Customize Your Colors
Use the color wheel to adjust the brightness and choose colors that blend in, stand out, or give meaning. Use your imagination.
Big Bright 2 Sided
Big Bright 2 Sided
The world's first double sided, three light video conference, mic and cam status indicator.

Flexible Mounting Options

MuteSwitch Smart-Mute Button
MuteSwitch™ Smart-Mute Button Cam, Mic or Both Together
Cam, Mic or Both Together MuteSwitch is the fastest, most accurate Smart-Mute Button. The center light illuminates immediately when entering any meeting, giving you a definitive and clearly visible sign that your meeting is active. The three illuminated mute buttons provide a way to quickly mute or unmute your mic, camera, or both at once! MuteSwitch is always at your fingertips, showing your precise meeting and mute status, ready to mute or unmute with a single tap!
MuteBar App with Instant-Selfie
MuteBar App with Instant-Selfie On-Screen Smart-Mute Button
On-Screen Smart-Mute Button Mic, Cam and All Mute control, can be placed anywhere on your screen. Adjust the colors, size, orientation, and brightness so your mute control and status are always visible, right where you want it and just a click away. The MuteBar app is included with MuteKit or the purchase of any On Air Warning hardware. If you don’t need the light or keys, MuteBar is also available on a subscription basis.

Improve Productivity Instant-Selfie
Improve Productivity When you need to take a break, but can’t announce it, turn your video mute into an Instant-Selfie to sit in for you. It’s like being in two places at one time. Your frozen video image appears on-screen while you catch a quick break. And, when you’re done, it’s back to business with a touch, tap or click.

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