On Air Warning was founded by Michael Vitiello in October, 2020. Vitiello has been an entrepreneur all his life, and currently runs a successful business selling laptop computers into the education market.

The pandemic changed the structure of the Vitiello household. Overnight, the kitchen and dining room turned into video conference stations. Mrs. Vitiello, a teacher, was conducting classes from home. Their two teenagers were attending classes, and two older daughters were managing careers from home. It was a challenging environment because no one knew when the others were in a meeting or engaged in a conversation.

The idea for a device that would let everyone know each other’s status was born while walking by his wife’s desk, numerous times a day, trying to see from a distance if Zoom was opened and if the Camera was on, or the Mic muted. “I spent hours searching the internet for a solution” says Vitiello, “There was no automated device that warns you when a microphone or camera is on.” It didn’t take long for him to reach out to some trusted friends and pull together a team to develop the software and design the solution.

“Before we had the first prototype in hand, anyone that heard about its functionality, wanted one” said Vitiello. “We knew we had a winner when everyone we talked to told us a story about how On Air Warning would have saved them, or someone they know from an embarrassing moment.” Since then, so many people have said “Why didn’t I think of that?”




The On Air Warning Story


On Air Warning Inventor Interview


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