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Improved Security for Video Conferences is Featured by MuteKit in Kickstarter Launch

CARMEL, CA, USA, October 3, 2023 /EINpresswire

MuteKit is the world’s first, and only complete Mic, Camera and Video Conference mute and alert system. It provides 3 ways to mute and 3 visual indicators, to alert people nearby there is a hot mic, live camera, and/or video conference in progress.

More than just a hardware solution, the brain behind MuteKit is MuteBar, an always-on-top, mute control and status App. Position it anywhere on the desktop, adjust the size and customize the colors to always see and control the audio and video mute. With the on-screen MuteBar App and the MuteSwitch illuminated physical mute button, Zoom users will never have to search for the mute button again.

“Never Hear You're On Mute Again!” — Mike

The MuteBar app mutes the computer, not just the video conference software, providing better Mic and Cam security. When the mic lights are off, the mic is off - even Siri and Cortana cannot listen in. When the cam lights are off, an Instant Selfie, MutePic or custom text will appear in the Zoom window and no one will be able to see the camera feed, even if the meeting is buried below other windows.

MuteKit Includes:
- MuteSwitch: The instant way to mute mic, cam or both
- On Air Warning light: Big, bright & double-sided indicator light
- MuteBar app: On-screen, secure mute control software
- Instant Selfie: Freeze-frame video mute feature

This new feature lets the user take an instant selfie at any point in the meeting. Think of it as a video freeze-frame. With the push of a button or click of a mouse, the screen is frozen with a picture standing in while the user grabs a drink, walks around or takes a break. Instant Selfie mutes the video without distracting others in the meeting.

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