Video Conference ToolKit

MuteKit - Everything you need to improve your video conference calls.

4 Tools for Better Video Conferences

4 Tools for Better Video Conferences
On Air Warning®  Light
Big, Bright, 2-sided
Fastest Way to Mute
MuteBar App
On-screen Control
Video Freeze Frame

Complete Video Conference Mute Solution

Switch, Light, App & Instant-Selfie
MuteKit combines the world's first double sided, 3-light video conference, mic and cam status indicator with the 3-button illuminated MuteSwitch. Powered by the innovative MuteBar app with customizable on-screen mute controls, advanced video mute options, plus Instant-Selfie

The Fastest Way to Mute

Camera. Microphone. Both Together. Instantly.
MuteKit gives you 3-ways to mute your camera, microphone and both together. You control your mute on-screen with the touch of a finger, the tap of a trackpad, or the click of a mouse. It’s simple, and much more secure because you can easily see the big, lighted indicators. Or, you can use the MuteSwitch, audio and video illuminated mute button, the absolute fastest and most accurate way to mute.

Appear Present with Instant-Selfie

Think Video Freeze-Frame
When you need to take a break, but can’t announce it, just push a button to create an Instant-Selfie to sit in for you. Your Instant-Selfie stands is there while you catch a quick break. It’s like being in two places at the same time. This powerful MuteBar feature is included with MuteKit and any On Air Warning hardware device.

Total Control Total Confidence

Improved Security
The MuteBar app controls mic and cam at a layer before your video conference program. When our Mic light is off, you can be sure your mic is off - even Siri and Cortana cannot hear you. Just enter a meeting and your center “On Air” light comes on. When your Cam light is off, if your apps are set up correctly, no one will be able to see you even if your meeting is still open! Then leave the meeting and your On Air light goes off.


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