MuteSwitch Smart-Mute Button

Instantly Mute Your Mic, Cam or Both
With A Single Tap.
Syncs with the On Air Warning Light
and MuteBar On-Screen Mute Button.

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The Only Microphone and WebCam "Smart-Mute Button" with color coordinated indicator lights, for Mic, Cam and In-Meeting status, plus the ability to instantly have a "selfie" take your place in your video conference meeting.

Quick-access mute button on MuteSwitch device for silencing audio during urgent work calls
  • Three Key Physical Mute Button
  • Instantly Mute your Mic, Cam or Both
    a. Instant Selfie Mode
    b. Video Mute Button
    c. Audio Mute Button
    d. All Mute Button
  • Three Indicator Lights for Mute Status
  • Millions of Custom Color Combinations
  • Works with On Air Warning light

On Air Warning provides a total mute solution to prevent video conference mishaps the fastest, most visible and secure way possible. We combine on-screen software to easily mute your mic, webcam, or both together with an illuminated three key mute button control and a double-sided, external On Air Warning light. The light, software and mute buttons each provide a bright and colorful indication when your microphone and or camera are live.

Turn your webcam on with confidence, knowing that those around you “should” steer clear when they see your cam or mic are on. When someone ignores the obvious, a quick tap of the MuteSwitch will mute your mic and cam. It can even post an instant selfie to take your place without disrupting the meeting. There is no other solution that will mute your mic and camera with a single touch of a button, or a double-click of the mouse.


Tech Stuff

Platforms Supported

Programs Supported

Today On Air Warning's software is compatible with Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Discord, GoTo Meeting, Slack, Messenger, and OBS running on Windows or Mac.

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