Can the lights be controlled manually?

The indicator lights on the MuteSwitch and On Air Warning light are controlled by the MuteBar app. The Center light has two modes Auto or Manual. In Auto Mode, the Center lights will illuminate when you enter a video or audio conference, in Manual Mode, a toggle switch will appear to control the center light manually, this will allow you to give the appearance of being in a meeting even when there is no video conference software running.

What are the colored buttons under the MuteBar App and how do I access them?

When looking at some graphics of the MuteBar App, you will see our “Button-Bar”. This is a new feature that is currently in development. The Button-Bar now gives you access to customize global hotkeys and puts them at your fingertips. Eventually it will give you shortcuts to the most popular features in the Settings menu in addition to just hotkeys. You can access the Button-Bar Beta program via the Advanced Settings menu. Once we incorporate the Button-Bar as a standard feature, we will send you a notice to update the MuteBar App and send all users a notification.

Will there be a Wireless version?

Yes. We are developing a wireless base for the On Air Warning light. We have prototypes in-hand and are the process of refining the design and functionality. We anticipate an announcement in mid-2024and shipments by the end of the year. Existing OAW customers will be able to purchase the OAW Wireless Base at a super discount for a limited time.

Can you mount On Air Warning on a wall or door jamb?

Yes. The Desktop Mount for the light includes two countersunk screw holes for vertical installation. However, if you know before purchase that you want to mount the light vertically, choose the vertical version during the ordering process.

Can I order OAW lights with my own company logo and icons?

Yes. We offer a customization program with a minimum purchase of 200 lights. You can supply your own graphics, and we can print them on the devices at the factory for you! Please contact us directly for a price quote. There is a $200 setup fee.

Why do the lights flicker when the light turns on?

This is part of the OAW electronic self-check and is normal. When you first plug in the On Air Warning light, the center light will flash twice. After that the lights remain solid.

Will MuteBar software sync with the mic status of my video conference apps?

For MuteBar to work properly, your video conference programs like Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc. should be unmuted. For improved security MuteBar mutes your microphone and camera before your video conference software. When the On Air Warning Mic light is out, no one can hear you, when the cam light is out, MuteBar controls what others see. Currently, Cisco Webex, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams all recognize System Level Mic Mute and they will indicate your mic mute status when you mute with MuteBar.

Are the colors on the App, Light and Mute Button programmable?

Yes. Users can use the color wheel in the Settings menu to customize the colors and brightness for each of the lights on the MuteBar App, MuteSwitch and On Air Warning light. When the Button-Bar is released, there will also be color wheels available for each of the buttons as well as the background of the Button-Bar.

Does MuteBar work with StreamDeck?

Yes. MuteBar software supports custom HotKey assignments, making it compatible with StreamDeck and other macro board keyboards.

Can I use more than one MuteSwitch on my computer?

We tested two MuteSwitches on a single laptop and everything worked well. This has not been tested on a wide variety of configurations, so we are not sure it will work for everyone’s setup. If you purchase two and they do not work for you, we would be glad to take one of them back and refund your money. We can’t imagine a scenario where someone might want or need two, but they should work and we look forward to hearing about how you plan to use them!

Can I use it on two or more computers?

The On Air Warning light and/or MuteSwitch can be connected to one machine at a time. If you want to use the light and switch with two different computers, you can move them from one to the other, but they cannot be connected to two computers simultaneously.

Does the MuteBar software work without the light and switch?

Yes. Many customers purchase a subscription for the MuteBar App so they can take advantage of features like its universal mute control, in-meeting status, always-on-top indicators and instant-selfie.

How do I know your product will be reliable?

Since 2021 we have shipped over 2,000 On Air Warning lights and in 2023 we plan to ship 700 MuteSwitches. So far, we have had just one return and two units that we had to replace.

I have an older On Air Warning light. Will the hardware have to be updated to run MuteBar?

No, you do not need to update the hardware. Both the On Air Warning light and MuteSwitch
include custom programmed control chips that work with the MuteBar software.

What about Software Updates?

The MuteBar App is easy to update and is available for download from our support page. The app also has a feature where you can see if you have the latest version and update from within the app.

How do I access Tech Support?

We have a Chat/Email tech support system set up at MuteKit.com that runs with RichPanel. It is the same system we have been using for On Air Warning. On the site, click on the chat icon on the bottom right.


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