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Can the lights be controlled manually?

On Friday we received the latest version of our software, and “Manual Mode” is here and working great!!! There is an override toggle on the menu that will allow you to control the color and status of the three lights manually.

This was requested by several backers and we are glad to let you know it is here, working great and will be included in our final release!

Will there be a Wireless version?

Thanks to input from our Backers on Kickstarter, we are hard at work on a wireless connectivity add-on for On Air Warning! We are working with our manufacturing partner to develop a “Wireless Dock” for the On Air Warning light. The same “Slide Mount Design” that currently allows the light to slide into the Screen Clip and Desk/Wall Mount has the USB-C at the end of that slide. The concept is for the current model On Air Warning light to just slide into the dock and then connect wirelessly to your computer.

We are considering both battery operated and USB powered versions. We will know more in the next few weeks. I encourage backers that are interested in the Wireless Dock to answer Yes to the wireless question on the survey we will send you. If you are not yet a backer, please sign up for our newsletter at and we will keep you posted about our progress.

Please note, this is not a promise that there will be a wireless option, but an assurance that we are seriously looking into it and have made significant progress.

We are really excited that we are working on an add-on that will make On Air Warning even more useful to our customers!

Can you mount On Air Warning on a wall or door jamb?

We just received confirmation that the mold for the Desktop Mount will include two countersunk screw holes for installing the mount vertically. We also created a new part the OAW001-V which includes the icons and logo printed vertically to match the wall mount.

Thanks to those of you who gave us this idea in your survey!

Will On Air Warning come with a long cable to mount outside an office?

On Air Warning comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable that is 3' long. We also include a USB-A to USB-C adaptor for people with USB-C ports on their computer. The input to the OAW device is USB-C and we tested cables up to 50' long and the device works fine!

There are some nice and thin braided USB cables out there at different lengths that are easy to snake.

Thanks for asking!

Can we use 2 x On Air Warning Devices on one computer?

Our development team tells us yes! We are a few days away from programming and testing it, but this will allow you to have one OAW next to your computer and the other in a location visible to others. Great Idea, we are sure this feature will be in the final release!

Can we use our own Logo and Icons?

Yes! We made arrangements for OAW customization! There is a $200 setup fee and minimum purchase of 120 units, but you will be able to design your own graphics and we can print them on the devices at the factory for you! Please contact us directly for a price quote.

And thanks again for your input, just another example of a great idea from our backers!

How can I connect it to my computer?

The On Air Warning! Light has a USB-C input. We include a USB-C to USB-A cable, and also provide a USB-C adaptor to convert the cable to USB-C to USB-C. We will work with any Mac or Windows computer that has a USB-C or USB-A port available.

Does it have a battery?

Our device gets power and signals from a USB cable. We considered battery and wireless operation, but did not want the device shutting off when the battery ran out.

Do the lights flicker?

The lights are solid and do not flicker. You can select from one of eight colors for each light.

Can I use it on two computers?

The device can be moved from computer to computer, but you can only use it on one computer at a time.


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