Close-up of the mute button in action, showcasing its sleek, modern design
Highlighting the mute button's compatibility across devices and operating systems

MuteSwitch Mute Button 

w/MuteBar App and 
Instant-Selfie License Included. Works with Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more...

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Cam, Mic or Both Together

3-Key Illuminated Smart-Mute Button w/Perpetual License for MuteBar App & Instant-Selfie

What’s included

  • MuteSwitch Smart-Mute Button
  • MuteBar App Perpetual License
  • Instant-Selfie Video Mute
  • Customize Colors
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • In-Meeting Indicator LED
  • Individual Mic On LED
  • Individual Cam On LED
  • USB Cable 
  • Instructions
  • Compatible with MuteLight
  • Free App Install Required
  • Zoom, Teams, Meet & More...

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