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Know Your Video Conference Status

Microphone, Camera & Meeting Indicator Light for Zoom, Teams

Carmel, CA, May 4 /EINpresswire

In today’s age of nonstop video conferences, we are constantly challenged by “Hey, you’re on mute”, or “We can’t see you”, or the embarrassment of “Your camera’s still on”, when you think it’s off.

3-lights show your status: Mic on/off, Cam on/off, Meeting on/off. The visual indicators say it all, and because the device is double-sided, everyone around can see it too.

“I’ve had my share of close calls” says Mike Vitiello, President and inventor of On Air Warning. “My wife is a teacher, and we share an office where she is on Zoom most of the day. Our four kids are scattered around the house in Zoom meetings with teachers, employers, and friends. Before On Air Warning, I made regular appearances in meetings that I wasn’t invited to. Now I can see what’s going on and avoid those embarrassing situations.”   

On Air Warning is a valuable tool in business, in school or at home. Anywhere video conferences are being held, this device can make conferences more professional, efficient and enjoyable.

The device has user adjustable colors. Choose from a palate of 8-colors for each function. It also comes with mounting options for laptops, monitors, tabletop and tripod.

On Air Warning! Is fully compatible with Mac & PC, Zoom and Teams. Vitiello says: “Our software engineers are developing more hardware and software solutions.” Just plug it into a USB port, download the software and place the device where you and everyone around can see it!

On Air Warning is available now for pre-order on Indiegogo at the early bird price of $49.

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Michael Vitiello, Inventor/Owner


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PS: A limited number of Beta units are available to members of the press.

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